Fabric for working clothes. Composition: 65/35 Pes/Cot. Width 152cm, weight 195 g/m.sq. or 245 g/m.sq. Can be with Teflon finishing. Price: 5.00 Eur/m.

Fabric for shirts. Can be different compositions: 65/35 Pes/Cot, 50/50 Pes/Cot, 80/20 Cot/Pes. Width 145-150cm. Weight 104-124 g/m.sq. Price: 4,4-5,5 Eur/m.

Fabric for shirts. Composition: 97/3 Cot/El. Width 130cm, weight 133 g/m.sq. Price: 6,1 Eur/m.

Fabric for shirts. Composition: 100% Cot. Width 150cm, weight 105-130 g/m.sq. Big variety of colours and patterns, renew every year. Price: 6,1 Eur/m.

Fabric for classic suits. Composition: 53/43/4 Pes/wool/El. Width 150cm, weight 349 g/m. Price: 13,1 Eur/m.

(LT) Dvipusis audinys staltiesėms. Sudėtis: 50/50 cot/pes. Plotis 320cm. Yra daugiau spalvinių variantų.

In our production the big attention is given to textiles. From many years of experience we know what fabric is best suited for people of different professions working clothes, tablecloths , bedding and curtains. In order to make the product look not only beautiful, but it would be functional and durable , the fabric from which it is made must meet a number of requirements . It is very important what composition, finishing and what qualities having the fabric you choose for one or the other textile garment. Therefore, if you decide to produce it yourself and looking for the right fabric, choose fabrics offered by us and ask what the fabric would be the better choice .
We are offering for You fabrics for :
Work clothing – very important that the fabric would be strong, if you need the fabric can be processed with special finishes : waterproof , fireproof , lubricants, greases. Fabrics needed such that they can be washed at a sufficiently high temperature, and of course they have to be durable .
Fabrics for shirts must be such a composition that would be nice to wear , but it would be enough and resistant for washing. Even better that it contains elastane , which gives the elastic material , and for people gives freedom of movement. We offer for You a big variety of different compositions, with a wide color gamut and printed fabrics for shirts.
For classic suits we offer the excellent material with wool .
Material images with color card and descriptions you can see in each group separately.
We offer you a wide range of fabrics for tablecloths. The fabrics are exactly the same composition, they can be easily maintained , washed at high temperatures , and lasts longer . Colors, patterns and textures so wide that everyone can choose according to your taste and match to current or future interior .
Material images with color card and descriptions you can see in each group separately.
When choosing materials for curtains first we look at the colors , patterns, textures , but keep in mind that the curtains have to be  functional , easy to maintain and durable . Curtains can give your rooms a light, and if necessary can be completely darkened room, to maximize space , and if you need to reduce it and make it cozier . We will help you choose the right fabric. We offer a wide range of fabrics for individual living areas and specialized fabrics for hotels, restaurants , conference rooms , which are fireproof blackouts .
Material images with color card and descriptions you can see in each group separately.

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