About Us

From 2003 UAB IRMCO is creating, designing and producing working uniforms for different fields of industry. We can offer for You big variety of  working wear models. It’s possible to choose model You like, type and colour of fabric, details of decoration. If  client need we can create new collection or separate models by individual order. The biggest part of life we spend at work that is why working clothes have to be comfortable, aesthetical, matching company’s visit card. We are producing wide assortment of working clothes;

  • Restaurants, coffee-bars
  • Hotels
  • Dancing collectives
  • Banks
  • Security post
  • Medicine industry
  • Building industry, drivers
  • Leisure time
  • Promotional clothes

Fabrics which we use for working clothes production corresponds the highest quality. The composition of fabric can be various – cotton, viscose, wool, polyester, polyamide, modal and different their blends. If there is need fabrics can be with special finishing – flameproof, waterproof). The thickness of fabrics can be various too from 120 g/m2 to 450 g/m2, big choice of colours and weave. We can put on Your clothes company’s logo or caption – colour mat or light reflecting. We can offer three ways to do that: logo can be embroidered, rubber technology or silkscreen. Our experience, high employees qualification, modern equipments and exclusive work methods help us to reach maximum satisfaction of clients requirements during minimal production time and guarantee the high quality of our products. The needs of clients – our leading care. We are reaching reliable, for both sides useful and long lasting terms with clients and partners. We are loyal for each client even for smallest one. The biggest part of our production we sell in our domestic market in Lithuania and working with companies in Germany, Holland, Belgium.